A New Year – TWO New Challenges!


“There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man.”
~ Sean Connery


Ah, Sir Thomas Sean Connery.  What a guy.  Nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in people … and in 2015, we’re definitely upping the ante!

First week of January!  First month of the new year!  Let’s get it going.

In our modest SF apartment, I’m always looking for ways to save space (if you ever get me a collapsible kitchen tool, I will love you forever) and clear clutter.  Unfortunately, these two things are actually not mutually exclusive, and being a bit of a sentimental packrat (and, you know, a [consumerist] American) makes keeping our place the way I’d like it a challenge.

While the creation of our “Alternative” Christmas tree has totally helped save space in the past few years and my organization of the linen closet is still one of my favorite accomplishments (ha!), we still definitely need help getting the house in order.  One of the sites I frequent for tips on tiny living is actually where I got the idea for our tree, ApartmentTherapy.com.  There are tons of articles on making the most of your small space, saving money, and of course, lots of DIY projects.

Well yesterday I stumbled across a post about their annual “January Cure,” a daily and weekly guide to help you get your January started right by cleaning up your act (literally).  They started just this past weekend, so it’s not too late to join!

I also got an email from Mark’s Daily Apple, a Primal living blog I enjoy – and they’re starting a 21-Day Challenge for getting back on track in the New Year if you’ve slipped a bit – you know, during the holidays maybe …

So we’re signed up for both!  That January Cure did already start like I noted, but the 21-Day Primal Challenge hasn’t yet (runs from January 12 – February 1).  There’s even a free online/in-app 21-Day Challenge you can follow along with via Vimify.com – pretty cool!  It’s our first time using Vimify, so I’ll post as the month goes on and update on how it is, along with how our January Cure is going.

Happy New Year!

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